Johanes Hauss Family as of 2018.08.29
Even though birth dates of living people can be easily found online at sites like ancestry, I have been reluctant to place all that information here.

The Surnames link (above) may be the simplest way to start using this genealogy.

The Index and Surnames pages do not contain the names of living people if I have a birth date for them. To find a living person, go to an ancestor. Only initials of living people are shown to provide a small level of security.

If you need help, email Nancy Hoffman.

A Web Family Card displays a married (usually) couple in the central portion. Above each spouse is displayed his or her parents and centered below the couple are their children.

If the word Spouses 1, 2 appears below the main box of a couple, there are two ways to view the spouse not shown. Either click on that person to see their Person Sheet or click on the underlined number to see the other spouse.

When viewing a Web Family Card, clicking on a person’s parent or that person’s child, will move to that parent or child’s own web card. Clicking a person in the center section will show a Person Sheet and give additional information about that person.

To return to the three generation view, click on the words “Web Family Card” at the lower right.

This is for private family use. Please do not republish.

Identity theft is rampant.

Updated 29 August 2018

Please contact Nancy (email is preferable) if you see errors or have additions. Full names, dates, and locations are extremely helpful to make this genealogy as complete as possible.
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