Graphics: Making smaller files

  1. Save it as a compressed format like .jpg or .png
  2. Crop the picture
  3. Change the resolution of the graphic
  4. Change the dimensions of the graphic

1. compressed file

jpg and png files allow you to choose how much you compress the file. The compression amount is shown by a %. The smaller the %, the more the compression, the smaller the file size. So use the smallest % that still allows the graphic to still look good. You should be able to typically use between 20 and 50%. BE CAREFUL: use SAVE AS to make sure that you do not destroy the original file.

(photoshop example)

2. Crop the graphic file

Get rid of wasted sections by selecting the important part of the image and choosing the CROP command to delete the unimportant parts.


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3. Resolution is measured in pixels/inch.These values are assuming that the file is compressed, as in jpg or png.

pixels per inch typical use
72-90 viewed on monitor e.g. websites
150 in doc files and for printing
300+ printing high quality images

see section 4 to know how to change the resolution

4. The dimensions are typically in inches. Make your graphic as small as possible.

notice the values of width and height - you want to set the values to more appropriate values


notice resolution is in the same window

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