House Family Reunion

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was held June 29, 2013 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Fellowship Hall,
Greenwich Presbyterian Church 15305 Vint Hill Rd, Nokesville, VA


House Genealogy

The purpose of the reunion is for each person to learn about his/her genealogy and meet some of those relatives in person. To help with that process, you are encouraged to follow this link: House Genealogy. We want this geanealogy to be as correct as possible. Please contact with questions and corrections/additions.

Dutchland Farm

14301 Vint Hill Rd, Nokesville, VA

The John Nathan House family was born and raised on Dutchland Farm. See the map below to see where the two are relative to Warrenton. They are less than 20 miles from the reunion site. Some of the grandsons are running the farm and willing to have you visit the farm as you are able.

Greenwich Presbyterian Church

15305 Vint Hill Road, Nokesville, VA 20181

The House family has been a member of this church (built in 1858) more than a century. Michael House, who came over from Germany in 1817, is buried in its cemetary. In addition, many other family members are buried in the family plot. Many other related families are also buried nearby. You are encouraged to visit the church. The House plot is on the left side of the church building as you walk toward the church.

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