Nancy has been working on this set of databases for sevearl years. They will give you good information about people who are deceased. Living relatives will have limited information. If you need or have more information about anyone in the genealogy, please use the email at the bottom of this page.

Use the following links to access the familiy geanealogies. Once you are in the genealogy, click on INDEX to find specific people of interest.

For those of you who would like suggestions of the type of information that can be part of these genealogies, please use either GenealogyForm.docx or GenealogyForm.pdf to send us family information or updates.

Harmon House's book:
The House Family in Diersheim, Germany in 1817

2013 reunion

#3 Picture gallery of John Nathan House family

#4 2013 House Family Reunion

#5 ordering printouts of genealogies (includes full names and birthdates of living descendents - which are not available in the web version of the genealogy) contact information below:

regarding hardcopies and website:
Fred Hoffman
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genealogy info:
Nancy Hoffman
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6158 Burnham Rd
Roanoke, VA 24018


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