2010 Summer Work

You need to go through each topic in the order given.

Most topics have practice problems. Do a minimum of half of the problems in each assignment. Do more when you need more review and to be able to ask questions. The * means that all students must do that problem. Assignments will be discussed during the first week of classes and need to be submitted for grading September 10, 2008.

Since most of these items are review, there are just a few items that need to learned:

  1. When you measure items, the last significant figure tells you the uncertainty of the measurement. So make sure that you know the uncertainty of the instrument you use to make the measurement.

  2. Significant figures refer to trig as well.

  3. You need to know the prefixes nano to giga and be able to convert between them.

  4. When you measure an object several times to be able to decide its value, you are going to use the best value of your data. That best value is usually the mean, but you may decide the median and/or the mode is the best value for your data.

  5. The standard deviation has very specific situations where it can and must be used.

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